Random Tracks: Elvis Presley’s “Stuck On You”

With the release of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, I’m reviewing all of Elvis Presley’s 18 #1 hits on Billboard including 11 that topped pre-Hot 100 charts and 7 that topped the Hot 100 after its 1958 inception.

Elvis Presley- “Stuck On You”

HIT #1: April 25, 1960

STAYED AT #1: 4 weeks

When Elvis Presley returned home from the Army to the United States in March 1960, it was unsurprisingly treated as a major event. In just the four years since he broke out nationally, Elvis had been a nonstop hit machine for music and movies becoming the face of a new musical revolution. Even though Elvis had been in the Army for two years, his presence was still felt with more movies and hits helping to keep his name in the mix and make sure people didn’t forget him when he eventually returned. 

Elvis landed in New Jersey on March 2nd and from there took a train to Nashville mobbed by screaming fans. On March 20th, Elvis returned to Nashville’s RCA Victor studio to record his new single back from the Army which would be rushed out a couple of days later and a month later became his latest #1 hit ending the nine-week Hot 100 reign of Percy Faith’s “Theme From A Summer Place.” 

For a song that represents Elvis’ return from the Army, “Stuck On You” doesn’t sound like a grand re-entry to the pop charts. It’s a slight song anchored by piano and drums doing a bluesy boogie-woogie shuffle with Elvis singing to a girl that he’ll always be stuck to her no matter what. Like previous Elvis songs that aren’t exactly world-conquering classics, “Stuck On You” still functions as a fun little ditty thanks to Elvis’ performance with him and the Jordanaires getting into a catchy little back and forth with each other.

A week after its recording and release, “Stuck On You” got its big showcase when Elvis sang it on his big welcome home special which got big TV ratings when it aired on ABC in May while “Stuck On You” was sitting at #1. Elvis appeared on the special with main host Frank Sinatra which tells you a lot about the trajectory of Elvis. Early on, people like Sinatra wanted nothing to do with Elvis but by 1960, he was now seen as a safe entertainment establishment figure. That image would stick with Elvis for the rest of his career.

GRADE: 7/10

BONUS BEATS: Here’s the scene from 2002’s Elvis soundtrack-heavy movie Lilo & Stitch where “Stuck On You” soundtracks Lilo & Stitch having fun together: 

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